Thursday, March 25, 2010

Grading Rubric for Album Reviews

For the three people who actually read this blog, I feel it is necessary to include some sort of grading rubric to explain what my ratings actually mean for the album as a whole (in case you didn't pick it up from all the words I typed before I gave it a score). Also, if you haven't noticed, clicking on the title of each post will lead you to where you can listen to each track on an album once for free (and then you can either chose to purchase it or hear a 30-second clip from then-on-out). It's a good way to actually hear an album in its entirety without stealing it. Anyway, here goes:

*100 = An absolute classic. Flawless.
*93-99 = Nearly perfect in every way.
*87-92 = Solid front-to-back with an occasional weak track.
*81-86 = Has many great tracks, but is far from perfect.
*75-80 = Worth a listen.
*69-74 = Mediocre.
*62-68 = Disappointing, but has potential.
*56-61 = Poor; has only a few good tracks.
*50-55 = Incredibly poor. Very few (if any) positive moments.
*49 & Below = Awful in every way. Trash it.


  1. I thought you just assigned random numbers on a whim. Oh yeah I'm totally stealing the linking to Lala thing.

  2. I used to use sabermetrics, but then I realized that only applies to baseball. And even then, it's incredibly stupid.

    Steal away. It's a brilliant idea to be able to hear something for yourself after reading a review.